The Inside out Power

Dear Customers, Partners and Friends,

I am happy to be back home and back to work. Sometimes we need to go far to be able to see things that were always there, right in front of us. A lesson in humility.

There are so many ways to enjoy such a sabbatical. My way was not only to enjoy the beauty of those three so different countries and all they have to offer (have a look at my fb or instagram pages for more impressions) but also to consciously and deeply reconnect with my husband, with friends, with nature, with myself and what I want, as well as with all that is above and beyond what we see. 

The last one may sound very strange to you so let me explain what I mean. I tried some years ago to read "The Power of Now" from Eckhart Tolle, some of you may know this spiritual guide, but at that time there was no way I could understand what the author was really talking about. Then a few months ago, in the second half of my sabbatical and after I listened to his audio version for a few hours, I was sitting speechless in front of Mount Cook in New Zealand, when suddenly I started to understand "it". Do you know that sensation? When out of nowhere a wisdom just hits you? We all get there sometimes, it is unexpected and so powerful. It feels like a profound connection to our deeper self and to something greater than us. Something that we finally hear or see, although it has always been there. 

I am very thankful, not only for this time I spent traveling, hiking, swimming, paragliding, enjoying life. But also for all the insights I got from diving in the teaching that accompanied me during this time: Eckhart Tolle but also Byron KatieThich Nhat Hanh , and a few more that have been part of my spiritual journey for some years now. 

These insights will of course remain strongly present in my work with clients. My profound conviction is that the business world, where I am mostly active as a Coach, is not an island. No matter what we do, no matter which business objective we pursue, we can still stay connected with the most beautiful and peaceful parts of our true human nature for the benefit of all.

And with your openness and the skills I bring, we can contribute together to making this world a better place. 

Warmest regards, Drissia Schroeder-Hohenwarth